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Maria Eugenia

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November 11th, 2009

01:42 am

Yeah, I know what's everyone thinking right now: that I suck at this journal business. Guess I'm better suited at commenting and lurking, huh.

But what do I know that this needs a complete remodelation remodeling (... thank you, Google) as soon as possible. I don't even know why, but it really needs one.

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April 10th, 2009

09:07 am - First entry in almost two years and it's a meme!

That means I plan on using this again, by the way! I'm not kind of going to disappear off the face of the earth this time. :p

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July 3rd, 2007

01:54 am - Sprin--no... Summerkink progress
Cut for those who don't careCollapse )

If Bugs were a FFXII character, in which place do you think he would love to live? Please don't answer with the "obvious." A month or two ago I would've said the Tchita Uplands but now I'm leaning to the Salikawood... and no, it's not because of the population of dreamhares living there.

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November 15th, 2006

04:31 am
Dear Final Fantasy XII,

Stop being so awesome. Seriously. :[ It's your fault that, instead of working on fandom-related stuff (like that kingdom100 claim), I'm procrastinating too much. It is bad that I want a first person view (like Kingdom Hearts/II does) for watching everything in detail? It's so pretty that it hurts~ >_<


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May 10th, 2006

10:46 am - Oh my... I am sick.
I hate being sick. =/ *is so sad because her key_blade challenge will have to wait*

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May 7th, 2006

08:01 am - ...
Two days ago I discovered key_blade, a KH-related fic challenge community. I am going to claim Goofy... wish me luck! =D

Edit: Yay, I got it! ^_^ That was REAL fast, doncha think?

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May 2nd, 2006

05:39 pm - You know...
I think I want to join to one of these fic challenge communities.

*glares at fanfic100* Hmm...

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May 1st, 2006

12:15 am - It's so hot today in Caracas.
Maybe it's my body...

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April 30th, 2006

12:38 am - I think I like to lurk.
Is that bad? =/

In other news, LiveJournal messed up with kh_trinity's profile; so I deleted it because I plan on redo it tomorrow (I am so tired right now).

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March 4th, 2006

08:36 pm - I have something to confess...
I'm sort of a tomboy, but I love all things cute. >_>;

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